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Bite-sized projects & random things I made 


Memory Living in Yulara 

This illustration was inspired by a tangible object, a Yulara snowball, and tells a story of my unforgettable memories of the people and the place while living in Yulara, Australia.


KitKat 3D Modeling & Rendering

This project aims to represent a cultural and material object to explore visual and conceptual ideas. The final design, called "Capture The Moment," depicts a meaningful, cohesive message around the context based on my personal narrative.


African Hair Salon Brand Manual

"Glamor" is a hair salon for African-Canadian women that offers exclusive luxury hair care services. The idea of the basic floral shape was inspired by the African natural beauty, and it aims to make their customers feel respectful and special.


HelloTalk Data Transparency

A redesign of the flow of HelloTalk posting and live features to provide the end users with complete transparency over their information, making them more accessible to their data.


WiseTimer App for Students 

An app inspired by the Pomodoro Technique, that helps students improve their productivity and manage their time more effectively. It aims to encourage them to keep up with their work by providing an encouraging message and progress visuals in between.


​Medium Dark Pattern

In this project, I intended to create an experience that gives power to the product, while removing power from the user. I aimed to make the process streamlined, but the user should be deliberately misled.


Freecycle Facebook Ad Post

Facebook posts to persuade people to join and participate in their local Freecycle group. The posts are designed with three types of arguments, "pathos, ethos, and logos".


COVID-19 Escape Virtual Board Game

A simple and fun board game to enjoy with multiple people. It's the first project I learned and implemented the double diamond design process into practice.

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